Project Germany: 2019

We will be traveling to Germany in the Spring to host art therapy workshops for Syrian refugees.  While there, we will also host an art gallery where we will display Syrian refugee artwork alongside our co-founder’s artwork in an effort to raise awareness about the Syrian refugee crisis.  Part of the exhibit will be interactive where attendees will have the opportunity to create solidarity pieces.

Project Turkey: 2019

We will be traveling to Turkey in the Spring to host art therapy workshops for Syrian refugees.  We will also host an interactive art event where Syrian refugees will display their artwork alongside other Syrian refugees’ work from around the globe.  The event will have several interactive sections where locals attending the event, as well as refugees, will have the opportunity to participate and create solidarity artwork.

Project OC: 2019

Our future project will be open to Orange County’s underserved community. Our focus will be on mental health and healing through the arts.  Art is a methodical and relaxing way for individuals in crisis to find respite from their stressful day in a safe and controlled environment by solely focusing on one task at hand: art. This proven tension-relieving method will be employed to provide community members with an alternate avenue for stress relief.

Silk Road Unity Festival 2018

Sight & Sketches partnered with The Muckenthaler Cultural Center and other organizations on this festival of unity.  During the event, we lead a collaborative community art piece highlighting the famous Spice Market of the Silk Road as well as providing coloring page station for event attendees.  The collaborative artwork will be showcased in various future galleries throughout Southern California.

Silk Rd Fest flyer.jpg

Peace of Mind: A Family Wellness Event 2018

Sight & Sketches teamed up with Access-CA and other great organizations at the Delhi Center in Santa Ana to add an art aspect to this great event.  We introduced art and crafts to children ages 5 to 12 years old, then had them parade their artwork at the end of the festival. 

peace of mind.jpg

Project Anaheim | Reception and Adult Art Therapy Workshop: 2018

Using art as a tool for healing and discussing mental health, we collaborated with Access-CA and hosted an art workshop for refugee adults in Anaheim.

Project Anaheim | Drawing Out Stigma: 2018

Focusing on using art as a mental health tool for community youth, Sight & Sketches collaborated with the County of Orange and Access-CA and directly worked with the community youth to paint a three-panel mural that showcased their interests and goals, as well as allowed them to express themselves and release their stress through art.

Once completed, the triptych was displayed in Access-CA’s headquarters in Anaheim for one month, then showcased at the Bowers Museum’s Multi-Ethnic Arts & Family Festival on May 6, 2018.  This festival was a culmination of community visual art workshops and exhibits focused on reducing stigma and increasing mental health awareness. The event featured artwork created by community members of different cultural backgrounds whom have experienced mental health conditions. The art exhibit was accompanied by live international performances and ethnic foods. All festival activities were provided at no cost to  the community.

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Project Fullerton: 2017

Our Sketches Ambassador teamed up with California State University Fullerton’s ‘Fine Art Society’ and ‘A Country Called Syria’ (ACCS) to create a two-week exhibition titled RESPOND: in Solidarity with Syria. ‘Sight & Sketches’ provided artwork created by Syrian refugees as well as sponsored the reception.  CSUF Visual Arts Graduate & Undergraduate students created response pieces to the Syrian Crisis while focusing on positive aspects such as tolerance, acceptance, love, and resilience.  ACCS provided Syrian artifacts on display with didactics.


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Project El Cajon: 2017

Our Sketches Ambassador teamed up with refugees in El Cajon, (San Diego) California to create collaborative artworks that focuses on improving mental health through artistic relaxation.  Art is a methodical and relaxing way for people in crisis to slow their day down by focusing solely on one task at hand: coloring.  It is a proven tension relieving method that will be employed to give the resettled refugees a respite from their stressful day in a safe and controlled environment.  The refugees were able to leave their mark through colorful fingerprints on nine (9) different collaborative ink drawings using their literal identity to make the drawings come to life.

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Project Istanbul: 2016

Showing the Syrian children in Istanbul that the American youth stands in solidarity with their plight through an exchange of hand-made greeting cards, postcards, letters, drawings, and posters.

Elementary, High School, College, and International students in Southern California participated in this humanitarian relief effort. Students from Orange and Los Angeles Counties as well as the Inland Empire partook in this project for the Syrian refugees residing in Istanbul, Turkey.

Browse through our gallery below to see a sample of the 260 solidarity cards and drawings exchanged!

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